Waxhaws (Buford’s Massacre) Battlefield Survey, 2011

In early 2010, proposed improvements at the intersection of South Carolina (SC) Route 9 and SC Route 522 would affect the Waxhaws battlefield. Brockington and Associates were asked to conduct “Mitigative archaeological investigations and boundary delineation for the Waxhaws (Buford’s Massacre) Battlefield (Site 38LA564)…” (p. iii) The following Survey is the result of these investigations.

Waxhaws (Buford’s Massacre) Battlefield Survey, 2011

Citation: Butler, Scott. “Buford’s Massacre (Waxhaws) Revolutionary War Battlefield, SC Route 9 and SC Route 522 Intersection Improvements, Lancaster County, South Carolina,” Brockington and Associates, Inc., 2011. PIN 30523.

The Survey was provided by CAPT Marshall Smith.

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