18th Century Games

18th Century Games

By Allison Sedgwick

 I have been working on a way to keep my children engaged at our regiment events. I thought it would be fun for them to learn about what children did in the 1700’s. After looking around for information, I realized that A Little Pretty Pocket-Book by John Newbery had a list of games played by children during the Revolutionary War era. I went down the list and conducted further research to find the instructions of the games. Research is ongoing and these instructions will be updated when more information is found.

One thing that I did learn during this search was that stick-and-ball games were favorite pastimes for colonial soldiers. So gentlemen, it is “period-correct” to play ball in between military engagements–and there is a variety of ways to play too. For more information about ball games see the Play Ball! page on Colonial Williamsburg’s website.

The Games