The Wheel of a Line of Infantry

The Wheel for a Line of Infantry

                                                                                                            By Joe Wagner

In almost every reenactor unit, it has to be admitted that in the course of any given event, they will perform one movement more often, and likely with less skill, than almost any other maneuver.

Yes – it is the cursed wheel – left, right, about, etc.  Nothing tells the audience, or fellow reenactors, more about how much practice you’ve had recently or how many new and untried recruits there are in the ranks, than by watching a unit perform a wheel or two.

Why is it such a problem to do it right?   Mostly because it means a lot of individuals have to think and move intelligently and cooperatively together.  Cooperation means practice – you can’t really learn it by yourself.  But wheeling well relies on a few simple rules.  It’s really just geometry.